In California, if a buyer from out of state wants to buy a home directly off the Internet, the listing Internet agent only holds a non-fiduciary agency relationship with the buyer.  If the out of state buyer doesn’t know what important questions to ask, the information will likely not be volunteered, and the data being offered may be slanted.

In addition, many large brokerage houses feature in-house transactions among their agents, which create dual agencies that are mutually non-exclusive concerns for either party in a transaction.

Some brokerage firms even go beyond that by owning their own lender and their own title company.  In return, incentives may be granted to their in-house real estate agents. This arrangement is usually disclosed in their ABA form.

We want to create an open and knowledgeable, client protecting, exclusive fiduciary agency relationship with our buyers. Our goal is to educate our clients about the market place before they make a buying decision.  Our help and advice is designed to lead to a more knowledgeable and comfortable transaction.  We feel the client needs a broker's 100% loyalty and protection and nothing less.

With today’s technical advancements, many of our home buying transactions are paperless, where information travels instantly over great distances.  Especially in this environment, the care and protection owed to our clients in an exclusive fiduciary agency relationship becomes even more necessary and essential in protecting your interests.  

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