How Much House Can I Afford?

Determining what homes fall into your range of affordability is a simple process for any knowledgeable loan officer. Many factors are considered, including your monthly income, debts, assets, and current interest rates.

After taking your loan application and running your credit, your loan officer will compute the interest rate that you qualify for. Your credit score, the type of property you are buying, and the type of loan program all change the interest rate you will get. In addition they will calculate your debt-to-income ratio (DTIR), which is calculated by dividing your monthly income by your monthly payments. A good debt to income ratio will be below 40% - although many loan programs allow for slightly higher ratios.


Using your debt-to-income ratio and your interest rate, your loan officer can calculate the new mortgage payment that you can qualify for, and then what home price you can start looking for!

We can put you in touch with some highly recommended loan officers who will get you pre-approved for your new home. Please contact us to get the process started!

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